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All For Fun & Fun For All!

Welcome to All For Fun Travel with Fantastical Vacations!

We are Margie & Jessica, the mother/daughter team here to make your vacation dreams come true while keeping your stress levels at an absolute minimum!

We have been helping our friends and families plan vacations for years and now, as travel advisors with Fantastical Vacations, we're so excited to be able to help you, too!


If you're thinking about a future vacation, already have some stuff booked,

or have no idea what you want... just reach out!  We're here (and happy) to help!!

Did you know that using us as your travel advisors COSTS YOU NOTHING?!

That's right! We are paid by the parks and resorts and we get access to the best deals!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but we promise it's not!  Using us as your travel advisors is not only free, but can even (and often does) SAVE YOU MONEY!


Do you enjoy the planning aspect of your trip?  Using a travel advisor is STILL beneficial!

You can make all your own plans and decisions, then hand us the plan and we'll do the heavy-lifting and booking for you.  We will also price check every month for you from booking to travel to ensure you aren't missing out on a new promotion.  This ensures you get the best deals and makes sure you're not the one stuck on hold for hours trying to get a representative or dealing with a site being down when you're ready to book your plans!

Let us help take your stress away!

Already booked a trip? Trying to decide where to go based on what you can do there? We work with Viator to bring you the best options around the world and a lowest price guarantee! Check it out here!



We can't wait to help you however we can!

Shoot us an email HERE

Call or text us HERE

Get a FREE ESTIMATE for your trip HERE

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