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Is it really free?  It seems too good to be true!

YES!  It's really free!  We get our commission directly from the parks, resorts, and cruise lines for taking care of their guests' bookings.  The commission comes from a fee that travel providers include whether you use an agent or not!  Using a travel agent saves you money while also giving you access to our expertise! 


What all is there to plan?  Why would I need a travel advisor?

For Disney and Universal, there are a TON of planning factors.  These include transportation to/from the airport, resort reservations, park tickets, park reservations, Genie+ reservations, dining reservations, packing tips, touring plan advice, etc.  For cruises, there is still a lot to plan from choosing the right cruise line and destination for your family to understanding the differences in stateroom options.  You also need to know your options for excursions and when you want to book with the cruise line or maybe choose a third-party.  And of course there are the cruise reservations themselves from dining to child care.  All-inclusive resorts also come with some unique planning factors, starting with which resort best suits your family and why.


Is staying on property worth it?

It often is, but it really depends on your specific trip and your group's priorities!  If you're trying to maximize your time and access to the parks then staying on property, even for a day or two, can be a huge benefit (not to mention it can get you perks like free fast-passes)!  If you're wanting to spend time at local beaches or explore Florida more, it may not be worth it for you!  Reach out and let us know what you're hoping for your trip and we can help determine what makes the most sense for you!


I need a vacation, but have no clue where I want to go. Can you help?

We are constantly booking trips and being sent info and last minute deals from resorts, cruise lines, and parks for special deals and new additions.  If you know you need a vacation but don't know where to start, just reach out!  Let us know what kind of trip you're wanting and we can get you some options! 


Will I still have say on the trip?  Or will you just plan everything for me?

We are here as a resource for you!  We will plan as much or as little of your trip as you'd like!  We know some people enjoy the planning (clearly we do too!), so if you want to plan the whole trip and then just hand it to us for official booking so you don't get stuck waiting on hold for hours or waiting on a website that may be down we can do that!  If you have a general plan in place already and just want some advice or help on specific aspects we can do that too!  If you want us to plan the whole thing and just run it by you before booking, WE CAN DO THAT TOO!  We are here to help take the stress off of your shoulders, not take your trip from you!

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